EDA wurde in die Datenbank "spezialisierte, spezielle und neue" Unternehmenskultivierung aufgenommen

In order to do a good job in the gradient cultivation of "specialized, specialized and specialized new" enterprises at all levels in Dongguan, Dongguan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has established a dynamic cultivation database of "specialized, specialized, specialized and specialized new" enterprises through data analysis, town and street recommendation, visit and research and other approaches. Specialized, refined and innovative refers to the industrial small and medium-sized enterprises with the characteristics of " specialized, specialized and specialized new". 
"Specialized" refers to specialization, whose products or services focus on market segments, the professionalism of production process and the specialization of technology. 
"Special" is special, products or services using unique technology, technology, formula development and production. 
"refined" is fine, fine and benign product quality, fine technology and fine management of enterprises.
"New" is the novelty, the product has higher technical content, higher added value and significant economic and social benefits. 

In June 2021, our company began to plan to participate in the selection project of the city's "specialized, special and new" enterprise cultivation database. Finally, EDA was the first batch of list was published in July 2022. 


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